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Are you a business owner?

Let ECE Solar help make your business more efficient and self-reliant with alternative energy. Our consultant can review options with you to help your organization save money.


Are you a homeowner?

Generate your own electricity with clean and reliable Solar energy. Let ECE show you how to start saving money with our attractive and cost effective solar installations


Electrical Contracting Enterprises LLC

was founded in 2003 and many of the key team members have been working together since 1980.  Our company is licensed to provide electrical engineering and construction in 21 states. We have been involved in the alternative energy market for almost as long, designing and installing several turbine generator sets with the boilers fired by wood chips and saw dust.  Our team members have attended LEED training with Evergreen Energy, Solar training with Solar Energy International, and are members of the TVA Preferred Providers Network to assist clients in meeting their energy efficiency goals.

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